Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Half-yearly round-up - July-December 2015

The thing that sticks out about the last six months in terms of exploring is the amount of parties we've thrown. Pulled some sweet meets off, and it's really driven that sense of a community home I guess. Aside from that, I've been pretty slack on the exploring front, although I've managed to cobble together the below for a half-yearly report that I've done a few times before. There's a whole catas trip missing from this too as I haven't edited the photos yet. Need to get around to typing some of these up properly...

Visited with many, many people.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Carlton Hayes Asylum Chapel, Leicester - August 2015

Some time in August a car full of a half-hungover explorers pulled up at this little chapel just outside Leicester having just spent the night - well, a couple of hours when the sun came up - sleeping in some old cement works. We were on the way to a meet and needed a few bits in and around Leicester to keep us occupied. So here's one from the derp folder. There weren't too many photos to take of this place, although it's probably closer to the truth to say that I didn't take many photos of this place. What photos I did get aren't anything special.

Visited with Maniac, The Raw, Elliott and Angelika.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Puiselet sand mine, France - September 2015

Although the lack of posts may suggest otherwise, it has been a busy summer. Partly exploring, partly doing festivals, always partying. We recently had the honour of being invited to to this lovely sand mine near Paris for a party hosted by some of our French underground friends. The weekend previous a carload had joined us for a party in England, and seven days later three carloads of 'rosbifs' completed what was basically a jumped up French exchange. Didn't take loads of photos as it was a party, but here are a few.

Visited with a whole load of people.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Ford Dagenham, London - November 2014

Finally found the time to write this one up. Back in November we saw Speed stick up the first report of this colossus, and we immediately figured out the next evening that we could make it out to Dagenham to have a look around. The site itself has a large importance in the UK history of car making and is considered iconic. Already back in November huge amounts of the site had been stripped already, and by now must be well and truly devoid. Warning - this is picture heavy and word light. I also managed to take all of my shots on a disgustingly high ISO. Oops.

We only managed to see the stamping plant. I think that's what this is. It's a huge site, and we didn't even see half of it. 

Visited with Adders, Gabe, Monkey and The Raw.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Billingsgate Roof, London - June 2015

After our plans quite literally fell through one evening, Angelica and I were walking to another location when we happened upon this building covered in scaff. It looked as if it was worth a look, so after a quick run around the ground floor, we decided to head up, despite the sawing noise that was coming from above. I'm not 100 per cent, but I think this is London River House, where the Port Authority of London are based now. The old Port Authority building is viewable here and here.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Half-year London round up

As I did in November I thought I'd gather together some photos of places that I've been rather than doing a load of individual reports, although that may happen at some point. There are plenty of places I'm keeping for the time being, and I'm not going to name the ones that I do put up for obvious reasons. 

Explored with very many people. 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Euro-derp - May 2015

I was recently in North-West Germany for a wedding, and was fortunate enough to be tipped off about this place, which turned out to be a ten minutes from where I was staying. I had some spare time one morning, so had a mooch about for an hour, although in the end I needed more time. Always next time for when I'm back in the area though.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Woodberry Down Skyline, London - February - May 2015

Since Finsbury Park reservoir got locked up about a year ago, and then again in November, and again in March, it was probably a sign to start looking for another place to go to as my 'local'. For quite some time, despite living only a mile away, I'd missed the Skyline building, which I'm going to put down to a lack of looking East from Manor House. Adders and I initially had a little scope back in December, but ended up not having a proper look. A few months later, I was on the way back from a gig and had the urge to climb something. Nipped home for the kit, popped into the offy, ten minute walk and boom.

I've done the place five times now, although it was only on my first visit that I actually bothered with the roof of the building, the remaining visits have all been to chill out on the crane instead. 

Monday, 27 April 2015

12-14 New Fetter Lane, London - January 2015

After a month or so out of the game in January due to various things kicking off, once I had returned from a conference in Leeds I was straight out to meet up with some of the gang and to get back up high. Going over a fence for the first time in a while was a nice feeling. It also gave me an excuse to try out the little clamp my brother got me for christmas. Unfortunately it was made of plastic and snapped on the third photo, so I reverted to tripod, which shortly afterwards would take a turn for the worst. 

Explored with Adders, Gabe, Ojay and Slaya. 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Lexicon crane, London - 2014

A brief remark before I get started - I was burgled a number of weeks ago, and as a result lost all of my photos between March 2014 and January 2015, which was more annoying than the actual laptop going. There was a large amount of exploring photos in the pile, so content for possible blogs is a little small on the ground. This afternoon I've found the SD card I was using for some of that period though, so here's a short blog....

Credit to Gabe for the first photo.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Paris catacombs - February 2015

Our Parisian friend Laurel was celebrating her birthday in February, so what better excuse to load three cars full of English people to join the festivities? After a pretty choppy 2.30am crossing with the Big Jobs limo we eventually landed in Paris and after a casual lifting of the right lid made our way in. 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

5 Cheapside, London - 2013-14

I actually made three trips to this crane, the first two being two nights on the bounce in December 2013, and the third in April. On the way home after my first trip, I noticed my toy pig 'Sausage' (see here) was no longer in my bag, and realised that it must have been at the top of the crane. I returned the next evening, and much earlier, in search of Sausage. Given the high winds, I didn't expect the pig to survive at the top. I spent about ten minutes hunting around, but couldn't see it. Dejected, I started to make my way down. Just as my head was about to go through the hatch, voila! I spotted Sausage balanced right on the edge of the platform. It was a close shave, but he lives to this day.