Saturday, 13 December 2014

Signal, London - January 2014

Back in January Gabe and I had been for a long walk underground, and on our way South of the river decided to have a look at the Signal building, Elephant and Castle. The building has long been topped out now, so it's about time this went up. Getting in wasn't hard for one of us, cue minor incident involving me being worried about my camera gear on the outside and some unwanted loiterers, and then passing a ladder over so Gabe could make it in (sorry for the public shaming!). 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Kingsway Telephone Exchange - October 2013

Here's an old report from last year that's gone public now. The site has been sealed a while now, which is a shame as I'm sure that there's plenty that I didn't get to see on my visit, and plenty of people out there that didn't get to see it. This was a walk in for quite some time last year, and on our visit we sent one person in, walked to the other door, waited a little while, open sesame, lights on, and took the lift down. Somehow, even though we were down there for hours, I only took 46 photos, most of them duplicates. Wannabe. 

Thanks to Maniac for driving, and no thanks to Raptor Jesus for singing with him.