Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Railroad Man

Last night we did a stop-animation evening with the Explorers. They got to grips with it, so I set about making my own one. Here is the result. 

Archcliffe Galleries Revisit - January 2013

Part of this evening's little Dover trip was a revisit, this time to the Archcliffe Galleries at Western Heights. I originally visited this site with Giacomo in June, but the tripod didn't work, the torch we had was naff, and all of  the photos were taken with flash. I had been meaning to get back here for a little while to get some decent pictures, but had been putting it off as it's a reasonably small place. 

Visited with a few new explorers.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Oil Mills West and Upper, Dover - January 2013

So here are Parts 2 and 3 of my Saturday adventure in Dover. After an initial bit of confusion over where we were parking we made it there eventually, and watched as Tristian whipped his magic out, and just like that, we were in. 

Explored with Tristian, Will (cheers guys), and Laura.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Fort Burgoyne Snow-Time Edition - January 2013

Welcome to the next part of this weekend's adventures (chronologically last, mind) at a snow covered Fort Burgoyne. After doing Z Rocket and Oil Mills (more on that to come next time), Starlight and I headed over to the Fort for a nice walk around the grounds. I've been here twice already, the first time with Giacomo, where we missed a whole lot of the outer parts of the Fort, and the second with a few others when I almost walked into Mr Security, so had to bail early on. Fortunately I got the job done this time.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

St Margarets Battery Deep Shelter - Z Rocket - January 2013

After a slightly late, problematic start, this morning I found myself in St Margarets walking through snow in the freezing cold to tackle the St Margarets Deep Shelter, also known as Z Rocket. Explored with Silver Rainbow, Will, and Starlight 2099. Big thanks to Silver Rainbow for sorting us out. Photos added from a second visit.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

'Tunnel Railway' Tunnel and ARP Shelter, Ramsgate - January 2013

My current renewed vigour for exploring continues with a report on this behemoth that lies below Ramsgate. Big thanks to Stealth for tipping me off about it and going in with me.

Monday, 7 January 2013

The Grand Shaft, Western Heights, Dover - January 2013

After our intrepid trip to the North and South Casemates Giacomo and I headed along the South of the Citadel, where I had a few places in mind that I wanted to check. First on the list was St Martin's Deep Shelter, unfortunately sealed. Second was Archcliffe Galleries, but having got distracted by a map, forgot to check entry. Third on the list was The Grand Shaft.


North and South Casemates, Western Heights, Dover - January 2013

Welcome to my first explore of 2013! To mark such an occasion I teamed up with Giacomo to attempt a site that we both failed at way back in June, when we went for quite some walk and missed the site by about 200-300m, annoyingly.