Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Devil's Kneading Trough/Poor Man's Crown, Wye - May 2012

This evening I cycled out to the Kneading Trough to try and get a few photos of sunset. Didn't go very well, the bike ride that was. Struggled up the hill (swear it's got longer and taller than the last time that I did it) and when I switched to granny gear my chain came off. Twice. 

I had a bit of trouble with the sun, arguably the focus of sunset, but these pictures are what I salvaged.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Some (not so good) night photos

On the way back from the pub this evening, I saw that it was a particularly clear night, and decided that it may well be a good chance to nip out for a while and practice some night photography. Forty minutes later and I was slightly regretting it, as my issues with shooting in manual continue, as well as it froze my bloody fingers off in May! When my camera says it's too dark, it wont let me shoot in manual for some reason, no matter how long I set the exposure. 

Here's what I salvaged, anyway. I've had to straighten some up due to not having a torch to adjust the tripod properly. I also realised I forgot to take off the UV filter, so there's lens flare, and my remote didn't want to work too. Better luck next time, eh.

Aperture too low...

Monday, 14 May 2012

Western Heights, Dover, May 2012

This was a learning experience, this one. We were quite excited (well, I was, anyway) about our first visit to explore Dover, given its status as a gold mine for urbex sites. We rocked up at Western Heights with about three hours to work our way around before we had to head off to catch Nathan in Canterbury. It took me a while to realise what settings I was shooting in too (the wrong ones) before I changed them.

We pondered how to cross for a while, then gave up.


Folkestone Harbour Train Station, May 2012

I'm a sad fucker. I am. Anyone who knows me will tell you. I constantly read and obsess over certain different pieces of trivia and useless information for very little payback (although knowledge of the London Underground's escalators came in very handy at a quiz a few weeks back). That's what made our recent explore very satisfying for me.

Old Market Cattle Shed, Ashford, April 2012

Towards the end of April, Giacomo and I headed out on our first proper explore. I was armed with my new camera, to be used for the first time, although I needed to be shown a lot in order to use it.

We were unsuccessful in our primary target site for the day, but on the way to another I spotted this building:

Now for something completely different...!

So after another failed attempt at kick starting my blog half a year ago, I think I've got a good one now. Six weeks ago I discovered the world of Urban Exploring. It fascinated me; the history and intrigue of these places, coupled with such beautiful photos. So like normal when something like that interests me, I did a lot of reading. Then, not like normal, I bought a decent camera, partnered up with everybody's favourite beard/I Talian combination Giacomo, and went and started doing some. So that's what this blog is now going to become; a document on the places that I visit. Assuming that I keep it up, some other thoughts may well crop up too. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to distance myself from my previous apology to Johnny Depp. Go watch the laughable trailer for Dark Shadows to see why. 

Anywhoo, here's a shot to get us started:

Giacomo pondering access to the North Entrance.